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by VIAS Gourmet Herb Purees & Ethnic (Tuesday, 1st December 2015)
by VIAS Gourmet Herb Purees & Ethnic (Wednesday, 24th August 2016)

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Older Item Catalog  >  Gourmet Herb Purees 250gm  »  VIAS Serai Giling - Lemon Grass Puree 250g Newer Item
VIAS Serai Giling - Lemon Grass Puree 250g
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VIAS Serai Giling - Lemon Grass Puree 250g

Lemongrass Puree 

This fragrant herb is a versatile one. It is widely used as a flavoring ingredient is Southeast Asian dishes. There are more than 50 species in this genus of scented grasses. Plants can be grown outdoors in warmer areas and will happily survive the warmer months outside in cool areas, as long as they are brought indoors when the temperature falls below 45 degrees. The leaves, stem, and oil are the valuable parts of the plant. Only the lower 4” of the leaves are suitable for use, fresh or dried in teas and Oriental or Asian dishes. Vias Lemongrass Puree is made from Malaysian breed lemongrass which is known as “Serai Peha Ayam”, this type of lemongrass is widely grown in Malaysian humid climate. This type of Peha Ayam lemongrass is known to give the most taste and smell compared to the other type of lemongrass. Other than used in cooking, Vias Lemongrass Puree can add fantastic taste to your beverages. 

Direction : Use as cooking seasoning and to marinate seafood. chicken and meat. Also can be used for baking and baverages.

Storage Method : Refrigerate once open.


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